Big Bird or Big Challenges: What was the election really about?

Those who missed the final presidential debate and resorted to getting information solely from social media might have thought it centered around the letter “B.” When MSNBC sent out a tweet saying sent out a tweet that said, “These debates are brought to you by the letter “B.” 1) Big Bird, 2) Binders and 3) Bayonets.” Many thought that was what the entire debate was centered around. Twitter, memes, and Tumblr poked fun at the political jokes.

It is no wonder that so much attention surrounding the jokes was gained on Twitter considering this medium uses catch phrases as a main way to get noticed. According to the article, most people today get their news from social media. Many people are not willing to look any further than what they learn from social media. The point is that many people took what they learned from social media’s parody accounts and networks trying to be funny and did not look into the issues at hand.

This will aid in my future career and during this campaign to remember that any information that is important to get out to the viewers, needs to be provided within the original tweet or at the beginning of a post because people are not going to delve any further into the update.


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