Social media a news source during tragedies and disasters

People got a sense of what was happening on the east coast with Hurricane Sandy in real time thanks to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. There were 3.5 million tweets recorded during a 24 hour period that used the hashtag Sandy. Many Tweeters and other social media users were reporting on Sandy’s impact, several photos and videos immediately went viral before news organizations could confirm their authenticity.

This article would be the most helpful in my future career goal of general assignment reporting. It is amazing how fast information can be spread, and in a business where it’s a race to get information out first, this is an eye-opening report to read with its numbers of how fast information was dispersed. For this campaign and the Applied Social Media class, it is valuable to understand how to get information out that efficiently so that readers will plan on coming to the Dine N’ Shine before they would have already made plans to go to another event.


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