6 Tips for Planning and Promoting a Successful Event on Facebook

When using Facebook to promote and plan an event, it is important to remember these 6 tips: keep it short and sweet, pick an evocative photo, make separate events for a series, advertise wisely, consider Facebook’s promotion feature, and devote enough resources to the event.

The Facebook user should keep the name short and direct, use a large enough photo that captures attention, if your event is happening in different locations it is of value to make separate events for each, planning a schedule and a time for updates, and make sure there are enough people, or you spend enough time, to reply back to viewers and answer their questions.

This article is beneficial to my project in that it gives insightful information to help with pleasing the audience for my event. As we learned in class, and as I have read in this article, it is important to always provide enough information to viewers and their questions.


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