Three social media sites to use to promote an event

The social media sites this article advises a person planning an event to use are Google + Events, Facebook, and Eventbrite. Each site is a variation of what one would need to get the word out about the event.

Facebook has a huge network size. It’s easy to tag your event to link people to your page and post directly to your wall, commit immediately on statuses and wall posts, and generates a list of suggested people to invite when they have not been already.

Google + events
allows the user to view, comment on, and share your event within your Gmail account. It also sinks with your Google calendar. There is a party mode feature in which your guests can upload photos of the event to the page. There is an option to broadcast your event as well through the on-air feature of Google + Hangout!

Eventbrite has a bonus that you can advertise a link from the site on any other social network:Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+ circles. There is also a feature that allows the user to keep track of ticket sales and event attendance, if that is a part of your event.

This article will help me in the future for when I plan events, be that as small as another project for class or as large as a fundraiser for a future company. It would have definitely helped me in the beginning for my Applied Social Media campaign efforts; however, it’s a little late on that now. This article is useful when you need to decide how large of an audience you are trying to reach.


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